My name is Laura and I think of myself as a scented candle addict! I adore them and when I am at home, I always like to have something burning away. There’s something about the warm flickering light and the delicious smells that just make me happier.

Years back, I can remember going to Partylite parties and loved their candles.

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Nevertheless they became of a pain as you could only order through a party. I then discovered Yankee candles.

Now however , I have a new candle favorite; Busy Bee Candles. I have been burning Busy Bees for nearly a year now, having first found them accidentally through Twitter. Over that time I’ve put in countless orders and tried practically all of their range of their products and I’ve always been happy with what I’ve ordered.

Busy Bee have a really large range of scents to suit all tastes. From delectable floral smells to spicier mixes and food/drink inspired scents. The best thing about all the scents though, whatever you select, is that they last. With other brands of candles, I’ve discovered that they smell at first but this quickly goes. Busy Bees are different – they last right till the final drop of wax has gone.

The scents are also real. You do not get that these are factory made copies of a smell, the candles really do smell like the real thing. As I sit and write this blog just now, I am burning one of my favourite scents – Pink Lemonade. It actually does feel just like there’s a jug full of it being passed round the room. It sounds crazy, but I can really smell the fizz in the candle. It is a truly a wonderful, uplifting smell. Another favorite of mine, Sea Spa, takes me to a relaxing beach and is my ultimate relaxation candle when I’m feeling stressed.

As well as the glorious, high quality scents from Busy Bees, there is also a great range of products and I have tried nearly all of them.

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My favorites are probably their wax tarts. At only £1.10 each, these are a brilliant way to try out some new scents. They fit onto your oil burner (and if you do not have one, Busy Bees have a wonderful range on offer too) and melt with the use an un-scented tea light beneath. And these last! I’m able to easily go through 5 or 6 tea lights for the one wax tart and it’s still giving off a perfect scent! They really are a great deal!

As well as the wax tarts, Busy Bee also offer a range of candles in glass jars. From the super cute mini-me’s to the 2-wick jumbo candles. The great thing is that irrespective of what size you choose, the wax all burns away, giving you maximum value from the candle.

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Tea lights are another option available, in boxes of 6. Perfect for when you do not want to use a burner and just need a sampler of a perfume.

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The Splitz candles are one of my favourite Busy Bee options. These large candles contain two fragrances, that as you burn merge together to form the ultimate scent! Best of all, you can pick the 2 fragrances utilised for yourself, so it really is a personalised scented candle (and it means you do not need to pick between your two favorite scents).

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But that is not where the Busy Bee range ends. The have also got flame free room scenters. A gorgeous wax flower with no wick which when gently rubbed each day release a subtle amount of scent into the room. I keep one of those in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh. They’d be excellent for any room of the house especially for those with small children who worry about flames. Finally, Busy Bee Candles also offer fragrance bars. These are bar shaped pieces of scented wax that can be easily split up to use on a tart burner. I also keep a little section of one in my clothes drawers, to give everything a lovely fresh smell (Busy Bee’s Sun Washed Linen scent is perfect for this job).

As well as the amazing range and quality of scents and products offered, the one thing that truly sets Busy Bees aside from its rivals is their fabulous customer service. They’re always available to answer questions on their products, or help you select the perfect scent for you. If you follow them on Twitter (@busybeecandles), you’ll find they run regular competitions to win some of their products, and also offer regular discount codes for cash off or additional goodies in your order.

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What’s more, they really care about their clients. Some time back, I had mentioned to them that I was getting married last November. Busy Bees had taken note of this, and the day before the wedding a lovely flame free scenter, with the White Wedding scent, arrived as a gift. It was a much appreciated gesture, from this fantastic company.

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If you have a retail outlet, Busy Bee also supply wholesale candles. Check them out and let your clients enjoy and perhaps become hooked like me!

If you are a fan of scented candles, I really encourage you to give Busy Bee Candles a try. You will not be disappointed.

Written by Laura McArthur, a keen blogger and user of Twitter. Laura is also a regular customer and friend of Busy Bee Candles (in case you hadn’t noticed). Check out Laura’s blog