Elegance Scented Candles

Elegance Scented Candles

A wonderful handmade soy wax scented candle in a tall apothecary style jar featuring a natural wooden crackling wick. As the Elegance Candles burn, the wick crackles like a miniature log fire and a deep melt pool develops launching the amazing fragrance into the room.

Elegance Scented Candles from Busy Bee Candles are a pure touch of luxury in a natural, handmade and dramatic product. Light the wick, sit back and enjoy incredible fragrance and soothing sounds. Perfect gifts for friends and family or the ultimate décor statement piece.


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Elegance Scented Candles

About Elegance Scented Candles

Busy Bee Candles Elegance scented candles are a handmade product as with all Busy Bee Candles products. The Elegance range features a natural wooden crackling wick……

User Information

Busy Bee Candles are very easy to prepare, light and enjoy. When you receive your candle, trim the wick so that about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch (about 3-6mm) of wick is exposed above the wax…..