I recently tested a scented fragrance sachet, which is newly launched product by the people who produce my favourite scented candles in the whole wide world – Busy Bee Candles. The scent I tested was also a newly launched fragrance – Sexy as Sin. I was very impressed by the fragrance, which I would describe as very seductive!

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  It is described as being ‘sexy, seductive and a tad sinful!’  It certainly lived up to my expectations.

Although the fragrance sachets themselves do have a number of uses, I decided to test the fragrance sachet in my handbag. My handbag is amazing, I love it. It is a wonderful Cath Kidston spotty handbag that I received for Christmas (thanks, Mum!

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) and to be honest, it’s a fairly roomy bag, cluttered with all the usual handbag-y type things.  You know the kind of stuff you NEVER use but you NEED to keep in there – just in case!

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Even though it’s new handbag, it has already collected the usual fluff, dust and crumbs at the bottom of the bag and therefore I felt it could do with a bit of ‘freshening up!

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’. The sachet itself is nice and simple – it’s a small mesh bag with small round beads, which hold the fragrance. I was impressed that it takes up relatively little space. I popped the sachet in my bag, and it was as easy as that!

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My overall opinion of the product is that it was a fantastic way to bring one of a number of beautiful fragrances to an otherwise unthought-of of area. I mean, who else would think to fragrance your handbag?

I loved the fact that every time I opened my handbag I was greeted by the lovely scent.

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The impact was immediate, and very long lasting. I would highly recommend using these, and they come in a wide range of fragrances to suit everyone’s taste.

Guest Post By Nicola Bulmer