Hi there,

We are often asked what fragrances we recommend for a Busy Bee Candles Virgin. So here we go, a quick run down of our recommended 10 scents to try. All are amazing.

  1. Baby Powder – Our most popular fragrance that will knock your socks off. 1 wax tart will fill the average home with incredible fragrance.
  2. Lime Cooler – A firm favourite. Gorgeously zesty and strong. Again, 1 wax tart will do the trick!
  3. Sweet Dreams – A gorgeous cocktail of relaxing scents. Will have you snoozing in no time.
  4. Blackcurrant & Nectarine – A beautifully sweet strong scent. Another house filler!
  5. Turkish Delight – A gorgeously delicate fragrance of exotic sweet rose. Since it’s introduction, this one has become a firm favourite of ours.
  6. Coconut Breeze – A lovely fragrance of rich, creamy coconut. Close your eyes and your on the beach!
  7. Lilac Mist – A beautiful soft floral to relax by. Fluffy & fragrant. A fab scent that will gently fill your home with amazing scent.
  8. Fresh Coffee – A fabulous scent of freshly brewed coffee. Turn your home into a Starbucks in a jify!
  9. Sun Kissed Raspberry – A taste of high summer. Lovely scent of freshly crushed raspberries. Super yum!
  10. Rhubarb & Custard – A yummy scent of sharp rhubarb & creamy custard. Can’t mention this one without thinking of my childhood & the cartoon!

So there you have it. It was tough! Like picking between your children but everyone needs somewhere to start on their journey of fragrance discovery and all these are just gorgeous! have fun and tell us what you think.


Dee xx