Reading all the hype about the new Apple iPhone 5 got me thinking. This great new gadget, is it a ground breaker? Will it change the way people feel as much as say a scented candle? Sure, it has hundreds of uses, keeps you connected to your friends, family and everyone in the digital age via twitter, face book and everything else but is it emotive? The queues would have me thinking yes it is. My gut feeling would have me think less so.

A phone is a phone is a phone. Can this be true? I’m of the old school that says if it does what you need it to, it’s fine. Who needs two way video calling or someone digital to answer your every question. That’s what I use the web for.

Whilst mulling this over, I got to thinking about the emotions our scents give me. Fun when I smell a scent that makes me smile, relaxed when I pick up a Day Dreamer or Sweet Dreams candle and very apple like when I smell our Bramley Apple scent.

So which is more emotive, an Apple i phone 5 or a Busy Bee Candles Bramley Apple scented candle? You tell me…..