In this day and age with the pressure on household budgets and the rising costs of everything, many people are looking to save where they can. This is especially true on those little luxuries such as scented candles that make our lives happier and more fulfilled. But is this always a wise decision? 

We at Busy Bee Candles are constantly testing our own candles and others from other manufacturers. Our conclusion is simple. Up to a certain price, you get what you pay for. The £2 or £3 candles from the big upermarkets give off very little scent, in my humble opinion, tunnel like crazy and generally burn out in no time at all! They are also almost exclusively made of paraffin wax which has been shown to emit lots of nasty chemicals when it burns.These types of candles certainly are cheap and I bet you’ll be left feeling dissatisfied.

Going up the price range, name starts to come into it. Some candles have been around a very long time and trade on this. They might not necessarily be the best at their price point but people know the brand and see it everywhere so automatically think the product is quality. Is this always the case? We think not. Some of the best known and largest candle makers (naming no names) still make the majority of their products from paraffin wax!

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I know – hard to believe right. Nasty, crude oil derived paraffin wax.

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Just goes to show the power of marketing.

At the top end of the candle market there are the exclusivity brands.

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These trade on huge prices and huge marketing budgets. The contents of their candles are often the lowest cos item in the overall candle with their packaging being the most expensive. Crazy if you ask me. Some of these scented candles are great, don’t get me wrong but the prices they charge, they really should be!

Well, what if I told you that Busy Bee Candles offer cheap candles. That’s right, cheap candles! Not the likes of the £2 or £3 Chinese import cheap candles but not far off! Take a look at our small candles for instance. These retail at just £7.95 (at the time of writing) are handmade in the UK, made from soy wax and burn for 30-50 hours!

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How much of a bargain is that. At an average of just 20p per hour for a top quality product that burns flat and true (no tunneling!) and with a range of over 200 scents – that’s right, over 200 scents!! – Busy Bee Candles really are cheap candles.

Take a look at our cheap candles by clicking the link below!

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