Busy Bee Candles Wax Tart Selection Boxes make a fabulous gift in so many situations.

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“Why?” I hear you ask. We’ll let me tell you.

Gifts are an incredibly difficult thing to choose for most people. They are often given to people as a thank you, a welcome or to celebrate some great ocassion in their life such as the birth of a child or a marriage. But it’s so difficult to choose something that someone else will like.

Beautiful Wax Tarts

That’s where Busy Bee Candles Wax Tart Selection Boxes come in to their own. They offer at least eight different scented wax tart fragrances in every pack so you’re sure to hit the spot with at least one scent if not more.

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Team one of our Wax Tart Selection Boxes up with a wax tart burner and a few tea lights and your gift is complete and ready to use. Each Wax Tart in each set is handmade with wonderful, environmentally friendly soy wax so it’s going to last a long time in use too.

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Win, win whichever way you look at it.

With Wax Tart Selection Boxes starting at just £8.95 at busybeecandles.co.uk, they really do make a great gift of wonderful scent.

Check out the Busy Bee Candles Wax Tart Selection Boxes by clicking the link below.


Exquisite handmade soy wax tarts in incredible scents delivered to you or your loved ones door from Busy Bee Candles.

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