Christmas Scented Candles

Christmas scented candles.

Here at Busy Bee Candles, we love Christmas. The sights, sounds and the smells of Christmas bring all those memories of the excitement of childhood right back. Think of the smiles of family, presents, turkey in the oven, Christmas “special” jumpers (in the style of Bridget Jones) and the food, games and million other memories.

Scent is very closely associated with memories. How often have you caught a smell of a flower or food and been reminded of a loved one or occasion. I can’t smell peppermint without thinking of my great grandfather, he always had a packet of mints in his pocket. Similarly, my great grandmother always applied a lilac based perfume. I go into a daydream thinking of my childhood whenever I smell lilacs!

 With such close links between mood, memories and fragrance, Busy Bee Candles are here to offer you the most comforting, nostalgic Christmas ever. Choose from our over 200 amazing fragrances and our speciality Christmas scented candles, wax tarts, tea lights and more. Our range of fragrances is extensive and we’re sure that there’s at least one scent that will be perfect, just for you.

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