Busy Bee Candles - Elegance Scented Candles

Busy Bee Candles offer a premium scented candle range called Elegance. This short post provides a brief description of this new range and what makes this product so special.

Busy Bee Candles Elegance scented candles are a handmade product as with all Busy Bee Candles products. The Elegance range features a natural wooden crackling wick. These wooden wicks are especially made for candle use and really do add another dimension to your cosy scented candle burning. Sound! Yes, the wooden wicks of Busy Bee Candles Elegance Candles crackle while burning. Think of it as a miniature log fire in your living room (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom…..). This has the effect of providing a soothing background sound to your  candle burning enjoyment. We love it here at Busy Bee and burn these candles more than any others in our range. It’s the candle with the X Factor! 

Elegance candles from Busy Bee also feature our trademark soy wax formulation for a clean, environmentally friendly burn without sacrificing on scent. Because the jars are larger and a larger met pool forms, Elegance Candles offer a better, stronger scent throw than our other candles (or come to think of it, any of the offerings from our competitors!). This wonderful product is presented in a very high quality apothecary style jar with an air tight glass lid to keep the scent fresh from the moment it’s handmade here in our workshops in Wales. 

Busy Bee Candles - Elegance Candles Range

The Elegance range from Busy Bee really are our interpretation of the perfect scented candle. Elegant, long burning, environmentally friendly with the ability to fragrance your home & soothe your soul. While there are other crackling wick candles on the market, we are confident that you’ll find the long burn times, great scent throw and the gorgeous crackle beats the other brands by a mile. They are also a UK made product. Result!  Perfect gifts or for pure indulgence anytime.

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