Real Christmas Candles

Christmas At Busy Bee Candles

Christmas is all about home and family. A time to get together and celebrate. Be thankful for our loved ones and the time we share. What better way than creating the perfect fragrant home with handmade products from Busy Bee Candles. Incredible fragrances, beautiful gifts. The range we offer just adds more of the wonderful to that magical feeling of Christmas time. 

Christmas Scented Candles

Our gorgeous Christmas Scented Candles feature unique fragrance combinations, amazing scent throw, crackling wooden wicks and sparkle! The perfect way to add fragrance and atmosphere to your home. Handmade natural soy wax of course! 

Golden Christmas

Crackling Scented Candle

Silver Christmas

Crackling Scented Candle

Christmas Lumpies®

Wonderful Christmas Lumpies® scoopable wax melts in the most beautiful seasonal fragrances! Gorgeous, so easy to use and incredibly fragrant!

Christmas Morning Lumpies

Cozy Christmas Lumpies

Rudolph’s Trail Lumpies

Santa’s Treats Lumpies

Christmas Wish Lumpies

Christmas Advent 2023

The Official Busy Bee Candles  2023 scented Advent Calendar! Featuring 24 fabulous high strength Christmas wax melts. The scents are selected from our most popular Christmas fragrances. A different strong and festive scent for each evening of Advent. It’s a fantastic way to build up the Christmas feeling and excitement on the run up to the big day in your home! 

Scented Advent Calendar

Christmas 2023 Advent Calendar

Christmas LED Colour Changing Wax Warmers

Beautiful colour changing wax warmers featuring wonderful christmas designs. Gorgeous decorative pieces that will add to your seasonal decorations and impart a wonderful fragrance if used with Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz, Wax Tarts, Hot shots, Fragrance Bars and Lumpies wax melts.  

Christmas Snowflakes LED Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Scene LED Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Snowfall LED Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Baubles LED Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Santa LED Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Time LED Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Snowman LED Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Electric Wax Warmers

A beautiful electric wax warmer for Christmas. Featuring a lovely snowman decoration along with a variable temperature and brightness dimmer switch, this is the perfect addition to your christmas home. 

Blue Christmas Electric Wax Tart Warmer

Blue Christmas Electric Wax Warmer

Christmas Specials

A wonderful range of speciality Christmas Gift sets handmade and perfect as stocking fillers, gifts and secret santa presents.

Wax Tart Christmas Cracker

4 Wax Melt Gift Box

Secret Santa Gift Set

12 Wax Melt Christmas Selection Box

Christmas Magik Beanz Gift Tubes

Christmas Fragrances

Indulge your senses in our huge and wonderful selection of Christmas festive fragrances, The fragrances are available in a fantastic range of products ranging from our unique and patented electric scented candle, Magik Candle to our ever popular Magik Beanz, Wax Tart, Hot Shot and Fragrance Bar Melts. The perfect something for your Christmas home or a gift for the fragrance lovers in your life!

Sleigh Bells Small Elegance Candle

Jack Frost

Christmas Thyme Magik Candle

Christmas Thyme

Mulberry Magik Candle


Sleigh Bells Small Elegance Candle

Sleigh Bells

Cozy Christmas Magik Candle

Cozy Christmas

Santa Treats

Christmas Fruitcake Wax Tart

Christmas Fruitcake

Rudolph's Trail Magik Beanz

Rudolph’s Trail

Real Christmas Small Elegance Candle

Real Christmas

Christmas Past Magik Candle

Christmas Past

Mulled Wine Tea Lights

Mulled Wine

North Pole Magik Candle

North Pole

Christmas Past Magik Candle

Snow Flakes

Mulled Wine Tea Lights

Snow Angel

Frankincense and Myrrh Elegance Candles

Frankincense & Myrrh

Mistletoe Magik Candle


Mulled Wine Tea Lights


Christmas Kitchen Mini Wax Tart Melts

Christmas Kitchen

Mistletoe Magik Candle

Elf Crazy

Christmas Morning Mini Rose Melts

Christmas Morning

Christmas Kitchen Mini Wax Tart Melts

Christmas Fayre

Mistletoe Magik Candle

Christmas Wish

Christmas Morning Mini Rose Melts

Caribbean Christmas

Christmas Kitchen Mini Wax Tart Melts

Happy Christmas

Fairy Wishes Elegance Candles

Fairy Wishes

Fairy Dust Magik Beanz

Fairy Dust

Christmas Orange Elegance Candles

Christmas Orange

Fairy Wishes Elegance Candles

Christmas Spice

Boozy Eggnog Magik Candle

Boozy Eggnog