Magik Candle®

Magik Candle

A Patented Flame Free Scented Candle from Busy Bee Candles

Patent GB2548363

Safer, Stronger, Easier to use! That’s Magik Candle®.

Add control and you have what is in our view, the perfect modern scented candle. Place the special jar on the special electric base station and switch on. That’s it! Hour after hour of incredible fragrance and a beautiful warm glowing light through the scented wax at the flick of a switch.

No flames to worry about, no wicks to trim. Safer, easier! Practically perfect.

And with over 200 fragrances available, up to 200 hours of fragrance and the ability to recharge the fragrance in the wax, it’s simply the finest modern electric scented candle available today.

No Flame, No Fuss, Just Incredible Controllable Fragrance!

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Magik Candle Preview

A brand new, patent pending scented Candle? Oh yes. Take a look at our preview video to see what this new scented candle is all about…..

How To Use Magik Candle

Magik Candle® is so easy to use. Take a look at this short “How To” video to see the Magik unfold before your eyes…..

Product Highlights


Incredibly highly scented

Up to 200 hours of pure fragrance

No flames and safer to use

Indirect heating for a pure fragrance throw

Adjustable fragrance strength and candle illumination

Made using natural soy wax

Available in over 200 fragrances

Base stations feature a 2500 hour replaceable bulb

Unique to Busy Bee Candles

Patented and Design Registered design