Spice & Herb

Busy Bee Candles Elegance Spice and Herb Scented Candles are offered in a wonderful selection of stunning true to life fragrances. Escape with beautiful fragrances like Herb Garden or our very exotic Bazaar. The crackling wooden wicks from these stunning handmade candles really help to add another dimension to your sensory enjoyment. Sound! Elegance Scented Candles from Busy Bee really do offer a dramatic soy product that will leave you relaxed and entertained at the same time.
Elegance Scented Candles from Busy Bee Candles are our flag ship product. Offered in a tall apothecary style jar and handmade using natural soy wax and premium strong fragrances, these scented candles are perfect for pure indulgence or make a gorgeous gift.

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