Autumn Riches Crackling Wick Scented Candle



Autumn Riches Autumnal Scented Candle. A beautiful limited edition crackling wick scented candle handmade by Busy Bee Candles to celebrate the Autumn season and the change in temperature, scenery and atmosphere. A beautiful season with picturesque views around every corner be it in a city or out in the great wild expanses of Wales.  Pure soy wax, a crackling natural wooden wick, beautiful wax inclusions of contrasting fragrance and colour within and above a strong base fragrance. Perfect! A sprinkling of glitter adds that special touch. Oh and the fragrance combination is divine and subtly changes as the different fragrance wax inclusions are melted and depleted! Heavenly candles to celebrate the new season!  

Fragrance Description – A fabulous fragrance combination featuring gorgeous notes of freshly fallen leaves, crisp clean ozone laden air and hazy autumn sunshine create a beautifully atmospheric base fragrance. The inclusions feature notes of cinnamon bark, spicy cloves on a deep dark musk. A truly lovely autumnal candle that subtly changes fragrance notes throughout the burn!  

Each beautiful 20cl tumbler jar candle features a wooden crackling wick, stunning fragrance mix, sparkling glitter and a burn time of around 30-40 hours. Handmade in Wales with pure natural soy wax, a crackling wooden wick and premium fragrance oils.


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