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Busy Bee Candles Lumpies –  High Strength Scoopable Soy Wax Melts. A wax melt but unlike our others. Lumpies are made using a blend of natural oils and soy wax combined with our famous strong fragrances. A dash of colour and sparkle and hey presto. Our strongest wax melt formulation is born. So easy to use and so powerful. A small scoopful of Lumpies will fill your large room with fragrance for hours!

Melon Sorbet – Think delicious sweet juicy melon with a little bit of ice cool magic! That’s our exclusive Melon Sorbet fragrance only available in our fantastic Lumpies® scoopable soy wax melts. A blend of Watermelon, Honeydew and sweet Cantaloupe melons with a hint of ice cold cucumber and mint. The perfect summer scent! Just add a shady spot, a good book and lots of peace and quiet! Enjoy.

Product Information – Lumpies pots contain approximately 100 grams of product. This provides around 100 hours of fragrance per pot. A wooden spoon is provided with each pot to enable you to scoop Lumpies into your tealight or electric wax warmer. Store in a cool dry place away from strong sunlight and excessive heat. Always replace the lid and keep your pot of Lumpies away from children and pets. Contents non-edible.

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