Pomona Electric Wax Tart Warmer


A beautiful electric wax tart warmer from Busy Bee Candles. Pomona features a beautiful crackle glass shade consisting of shades of red, pink, peach, cream and everything in between! Looks like a vanilla sky to us with that warm, dusk light. A fabulously unique warmer and sure to be a talking point in your home!

This Electric Warmer is large. The glass wax warming dish supplied is placed inside the warmer body on a glass stand, above the high power light bulb.

Each shade is handcrafted and no two warmers are exactly alike. Features a long 2m power lead with a moulded UK plug, a variable heat/light switch and a removable glass warming dish.

240V 50W G9 Halogen Bulb

Size: 26cm high x 20.5cm across (approximate dimensions excluding warming plate).

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Emerald, Blue, Green


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