Soy Wax Candles

Soy Wax Candles

Here at Busy Bee Candles, all of our scented candles, Wax Tarts, Magik Beanz and wax home fragrance products are made with soy wax. “What’s soy wax?” I hear you ask. Read on and find out about this amazing wax for candle making.

Soy wax is a natural wax made from the soya bean. Soya beans are cultivated all around the world and used in all sorts of food products as well as making, in our opinion, the best wax for scented candles. It is natural, fragrance free and so soft and lovely to use and work with.

Here’s how it’s made. Soya beans are pressed under great pressure to release the oil. The soya oil is filtered to a great purity and then hydrogen is passed through it. This is like making margarine. The oil solidifies when hydrogen is passed through it and that’s basically it. By the way, hydrogen is found naturally in our atmosphere so the whole process really is as natural as it gets.

All good so far but why use soy wax instead of other waxes such as paraffin? The reasons are numerous. Firstly it is healthier. Soy wax produces no harmful toxins or carcinogens when it burns. Compare this to Paraffin where the emissions from a burning candle are comparable to cigarette smoke! We’re not making this up, read this great Daily Mail article based on scientific research published in 2011 to learn more.

Many paraffin scented candle manufacturers don’t tell you any of this or try to blur the issue but fact is fact. Paraffin wax is made from crude oil like petrol, diesel etc. Emissions from paraffin candles include toluene and benzene (known human carcinogens). The same research concluded that candles made from soy wax are relatively clean. Do you really want a cosy night in breathing in fumes you might get from your car exhaust? We think not.

The best option in our opinion is Soy wax. As well as being natural in its ingredients, the story gets even better. The pressings from the soy bean are fed to cattle.
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It’s highly nutritious and is the best form of recycling. The cows chew through this stuff happily and the mucky stuff that comes out of their rear end is used to fertilise the fields. Often the same fields that the soy bean are grown on. How cool is that! It’s a circle that’s sustainable and very environmentally friendly.

So ditch the sooty walls, horrid chemicals in the air and air miles. Choose Busy Bee Candles as your environmentally friendly soy wax candles manufactuer. Enjoy incredible home fragrance built on solid environmental credentials.
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We use cotton wicks, recyclable glass jars and the minimum of plastic packaging.
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The ultimate “green” candle maker.

Soy Wax