Spring Selection

Christmas Fragrances

Welcome Spring into your home with a selection of incredible products and fragrances. Each beautiful scent is designed to bring freshness and tranquility to your world.

Recommended Products

Magik Beanz Floral Selection Pack

Spring Day LED Wax Warmer

Spring Wax Melt Selection Box

Abstract LED Wax Warmer

Daisy LED Wax warmer

Geometric LED Wax warmer

Spring Fragrances

Cheat 'N' Clean Fragrance Bar

Cheat ‘N’ Clean

Spring Fresh Magik Candle

Spring Fresh

Spring Time Magik Beanz

Spring Time

Spring Day Scented Tea Lights

Spring Day

Spring Flowers

Spring Bouquet Magik Candle

Spring Bouquet

Flower Stall Wax Tart Melt

Flower Stall

Cherry Blossom Magik Candle

Cherry Blossom

Gardenia Magik Candle


Fresh Cut Grass Magik Candle

Fresh Cut Grass

Magnolia Blossom Elegance Candles

Magnolia Blossom

Perfect Daisy Magik Candle

Perfect Daisy

Perfect Peony Elegance Candles

Perfect Peony

Sweet Pea Arbour Wax Tart

Sweet Pea Arbour

Perfect Daisy Magik Candle


Butterfly Hugs Magik Beanz

Butterfly Hugs

Clean Cotton

Coconut Rose Magik Candle

Coconut Rose

Hawaiian High Elegance Candles

Hawaiian High

Honeysuckle And Jasmine Magik Candle

Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Orchid Dreams Elegance Candles

Orchid Dreams

Coconut Rose Magik Candle

Lilac Mist

Paris In Bloom Elegance Candles

Paris In Bloom

Coconut Rose Magik Candle

Rose Petals

Rain Water Magik Candle

Rain Water