Valentines Day Gifts

Christmas Fragrances

Celebrate the most incredible Valentines Day with your loved one surrounded by the wonderful romantic fragrances of Busy Bee Candles. Fill the air with love and passion!

Recommended Products

Be My Valentine Tumbler Scented Candle

Valentine Magik Beanz Gift sets

Cupid Electric Wax warmer

Romance Wax Melt Selection Box

Valentine Fragrances

Evening Encounter

Kiss Me Quick

Love spell


True Romance

Lovely Me


Sexy Lady

Sexy As Sin

Endless Love Magik Candle

Endless Love

Baby Powder

Bubbles & Cheer Elegance Candles

Bubbles & Cheer

Butterfly Hugs Magik Beanz

Butterfly Hugs

Clean Cotton

Coconut Rose Magik Candle

Coconut Rose

Hawaiian High Elegance Candles

Hawaiian High

Orchid Dreams Elegance Candles

Orchid Dreams

Coconut Rose Magik Candle

Lilac Mist

Honeysuckle And Jasmine Magik Candle

Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Paris In Bloom Elegance Candles

Paris In Bloom

Coconut Rose Magik Candle

Rose Petals

Snuggles Elegance Candles


Paris In Bloom Elegance Candles

Total Diva

Sweet Embrace Magik Candle

Sweet Embrace

Aqua Candles


You Sexy Thing Elegance Candles

You Sexy Thing

Animal Instinct Fragrance Bar

Animal Instinct

Champagne & Roses Wax Tart

Champagne & Roses

Passionate Kiss Magik Candle

Passionate Kiss

Sexy Beast Magik Beanz

Sexy Beast