Wax Tarts

Soy Wax Tarts

Amazing long lasting soy Wax Tarts and Wax Melts from Busy Bee Candles. Choose from over 200 superb fragrances.

Busy Bee Candles Wax Tarts and Wax Melts will fragrance your home for far longer than standard paraffin wax tarts. Hours and hours of wonderful home fragrance!


Floral Wax Tarts


Fruit Wax Tarts


Spice Herb Wax Tarts

Spice & Herb

Speciality Wax Tarts


How To Use Busy Bee Candles Wax Tarts

Remove your Busy Bee Candles Wax Tart from the flip top pot by squeezing the base and sides of the pot.

Cut the Wax Tart if required to suit the size of the bowl on your wax warmer….

Wax Tarts
Wax Tarts

Removing Busy Bee Candles Wax Tarts From your Oil Burner

It’s a common problem to be sure. You’ve found your favourite Busy Bee Candles wax tarts but you don’t want to wait for one to finish to try your next scent. They do last a very long time after all.....