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Wholesale Scented Candles, Wax Melts, Electric Wax Warmers. If you’re looking for wholesale home fragrance products for your retail outlet, you’ve landed on the right webpage.

Busy Bee Candles manufacture a wonderful range of natural wax scented candles, wax melts and more unique products right here in the UK. Each wax creation is expertly hand crafted in our workshops in Mid Wales and is perfect for Gift Shops, Garden Centres and busy Market Stalls. With an incredible range of over 200 fragrances and beautiful Electric Wax Warmers your customers demand, there is something for every customer requirement.

If that wasn’t enough, the Busy Bee Candles patented flame free Magik Candle is something you can only source here. A controllable flame free, rechargeable fragrance scented candle. A product with all the right environmental credentials!

A Magik Candle on a table showing its dimmer switch amidst decorations

Over 1,000,000 Magik Beanz Wax Melts Sold!

Magik Beanz Wax Melts Counter Top Display Unit

Busy Bee Candles manufacture only environmentally friendly natural wax scented candles and wax melts. An added benefit your business can market and be proud of.

Choose Busy Bee Candles for your home fragrance offering and stock seriously strong, handmade British home fragrance.

Complete the short information request form below and join Busy Bee Candles in offering the best home fragrance products available.

A Few Of Our Fabulous Products

Magik Candle®

A revolutionary patented scented candle from Busy Bee Candles. Say goodbye to wicks and flames and say hello to incredible, controllable home fragrance!

A unique Flame-Free Scented Candle with up to 200 hours of fragrance you can recharge. It’s a one of a kind innovation! 

Electric Wax Warmers

Beautiful Electric Wax Warmers featuring hand made mosaic glass shades, variable heat switches and removable glass wax trays for easy cleaning. So easy to use and sure to draw admiring glances. A huge range of colours and styles available.

Magik Beanz®

An incredible Wax Melt product from Busy Bee Candles. Each Magik Beanz pot features 15 highly scented wax melts. Pop a few in a wax warmer to provide strong home fragrance for a long time! So easy to use and so effective.

Over 200 fragrances and counter display units available.

Wax Melt Selection Boxes

Gorgeous Wax Melt Selection Boxes featuring 12 different fragrances each. Looks beautiful, smells even better.

Perfect gifts made ready to retail on your shelves. 

VariColour LED Wax Warmers

Colour Changing LED Wax Warmers. Featuring a beautiful colour changing display, crackle glass effect shade, removable wax dishes and a beautiful pattern insert to give that perfect seasonal look to any interior. A huge selection of styles available.


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